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Container Storage

Our Container Storage comes in a range of sizes to suit your needs. All of the containers are 8ft wide by 8ft high and we offer them in a range of lengths – 10, 20, 30 or 40ft – so you can use and pay for just what you need.

Each individual container is positioned on ground level with the floor only a couple of inches above ground level. This allows you to reverse right up to the doors, making loading and unloading quick and easy, whether you’re in a car, van or lorry.

What size do I need?

Select from the container sizes below to see an indication of capacity.

Total size – 80 sq ft / 7 sq m


Total size – 160 sq ft / 14.5 sq m

20x8 container

Total size – 240 sq ft / 22 sq m

30x8 container

Total size – 320 sq ft / 29.5 sq m

40x8 container

Container Security
  • Each site entrance has industrial sliding gates with keypad access
  • Within a gated compound with high security fencing
  • Combination coded padlock access

We strongly recommend that customers using Container Storage ensure they have adequate insurance for their stored items. Customers often assume their belongings are covered by their household insurance, but this is rarely the case. Please check with your insurer to ensure you have adequate cover.


The individual security of the containers is your responsibility using your own padlocks. This way, you know exactly who has access to the container. There are 4 locations for padlocks on each of the vertical lock bars as well as using the lock box which is a special steel box, which shrouds the padlock and prevents interference with bolt croppers, angle grinders, chisels or other methods of forced entry. Attaching and securing the locks, and ensuring the keys are kept safe, is our customers’ responsibility.

Need more help with size?

Our guides show you the different sizes available and an indication of what can fit in each. If you need more clarification please call us on 01628 660 908 or use the form here.

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